Best celebrity advice

Jennifer Lawrence gave the best bit of health and fitness advice we’ve heard from a celebrity in a long time when she recently told Vogue that although she works out to stay in shape, she doesn’t restrict what she eats. “I don’t like when people say, ‘I only do this or eat this,’” she said. “Because I eat. I’m not very strict with my diet: if I want a piece of pizza, I eat a piece of pizza. But I do work out more than normal because I have a certain way that I want to look, and a way that I want to fit into my clothes.” The actress pointed out that the gym was a better alternative to dieting. “I get photographed when I’m not asking for it, so there’s added pressure to look and feel your best. For me, it’s easier to put that extra effort into the gym instead of putting the extra effort into: ‘Oh no, I can’t eat that.’” Nutritionist and exercise physiologist Kathleen Alleaume hoped people would take Jennifer’s advice. “Her approach is not to demonise food – she’s not moralising food, such as ‘eat this but not that’. It’s a sensible approach that nutritionists have been saying for a long time, but which some people find boring. Good nutrition is really everything in moderation!”