These should be on your beauty bucket list

Progress in beauty science continues. Aimee Wice lists some of the most exciting new beauty treatments available this year.

Let’s get one thing straight: regular exercise and a healthy diet certainly go a long way when it comes to keeping a healthy body and mind. But the connection between science and beauty is undeniable. With each passing year, fantastically exciting (and more importantly, effective) beauty breakthroughs become available and give us that little extra edge. Below are the newest treatments that’ll make up your beauty bucket list for 2017.

Laser hair removal

While this isn’t a new beauty treatment by any means at all, the technology used by Laser Clinics Australia can certainly be described as cutting edge. Incorporating two separate types of lasers (the GentleLase Pro and GentleYag Pro Candela), permanently removing unwanted fuzz has never been faster or more efficient. What’s even better? The device boasts state of the art cooling technology, so the experience is practically pain free: a little zap and you’re good to go and smoother than a sheet of silk.

Skin tightening

If it’s a flawlessly firm tone you’re after, compliment your new smooth limbs (or elsewhere) with Laser Clinics Australia’s advanced skin tightening treatment. Safe for use on the face, neck, décolletage and body (from hands to stomach to thighs), Fractional Radio Frequency is a non-invasive therapy, rejuvenating skin by stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin. Other benefits include reduced scarring, stretch marks, pore size and a more even tone.

Super facial

Ensuring your delicate complexion is pampered is important too, and the OxyGeneo/TriPollar RF/Ultrasound combo by Pollogen is inarguably one of the best ways to care for faces. Offered at Double Bay’s Karpati Medispa, this treatment can only be described as a super facial. It’s the new generation of microdermabrasion, which avoids the broken capillaries from more traditional treatments, and boasts two patents and three state of the art technologies to help you achieve your most flawless complexion yet. The first stage of the facial uses an OxyGeneo capsule, which is comprised of CO2, and naturally and deeply exfoliates. The device head further penetrates the CO2 by vibrating, causing the oxygen to separate, which instantly plumps and hydrates the skin.

Step two, TriPollar RF, consists of a patented concept based on radio frequency, which tightens, tones and smooths skin, and is superior in its ability as the temperature of the frequency is controlled by a light.

The third and final stage incorporates an ultrasound treatment to reduce puffiness as well as increase the skin’s ability to absorb active ingredients. An anti-ageing cocktail of vitamins and peptides via another capsule finishes off this super facial, which has an added bonus of being extremely hygienic as each capsule is disposable and designed for a single-use.

Hair coaching

For an incredibly brilliant and happy head of hair, look no further than Kérastase Paris’ brand new Hair Coach powered by Withings. The world’s first ever smart hairbrush uses advanced sensors to read and score the quality of hair and monitor hair care routines; an accompanying app shares the brush’s findings and offers customised products based on results.

The brush, which was designed to lessen the damaging effects of forceful hairbrushing, features a microphone that can hear patterns and offer insights to manageability, frizziness, dryness, split ends and breakage, sensors that measure force applied when brushing and signal if brushing is too vigorous, and can determine if it’s being used on wet or dry hair to provide an accurate reading. Feeding the findings automatically via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the accompanying app, the brush accounts for environmental factors like humidity, temperature, UV and wind, which contribute to the hair’s manageability and quality.

The Hair Coach doesn’t stop at tracking hair health, either, providing valuable information based on the individual’s aspects of daily life, effective brushing habits are revealed along with personalised tips and Kérastase product recommendations.

An in-salon must is the brand’s Fusio-Dose treatment, which is the world’s first completely customisable hair ritual. Four base concentrates and five boosters can be mixed and matched to treat every individual’s specific hair concerns, resulting in achieving your best version of you — and really, is there anything better?