To beard, or not to beard?

Dan Dixon from Mister Chop Shop in Sydney's Bondi Junction.

Dan Dixon from Sydney’s Mister Chop Shop shows you the best way to grow and style your beard.

So what is it about the beard? Well, besides being the physical representation of patience
and manhood… Since the beginning of time, the beard has been the embodiment of stature worn by the likes of Kings and Vikings through to bushrangers.

Beard-1The beard comes in many forms, lengths, colours and styles. Each of which have been influenced by the current era and what fashion dictates.

Yes they are a fashion statement and the recent resurgence of the beard has created the ‘Lumbersexual’ movement (also creatively know as The Hipster). This movement is based around the ruggedness of the flannelette wearing lumberjack and the highly groomed ‘Metrosexual’.

So the beard is large and long, definitely not to be taken lightly and a complete work of art nowadays. The average fur covered man will be spending a lot more maintenance time on his facial pelt than that of his haircut, shaping and preening it. This is a precise business Beard-4and one that if not approached correctly could leave you looking patchy, reminiscent of a mangy mutt which will have you grabbing the clippers to take the whole thing off and starting again. Hence patience is a virtue.

Growing a beard can be a hard step unless you’ve made it into the fourth week as a contestant on Survivor. From inception, the beard will create uncomfortable or itchy skin and in some cases this is as simple as the hair curling over, pricking back into the face. As more hair grows through, this itchiness can become nearly unbearable. This is where product selection can be a life saving, annoyance preventing decision.

Beard-3So what do you use and when? What’s the difference between a beard balm or beard oil? Let’s break them down.

A beard balm is usually a moisturising cream-based product,  designed to prevent irritation and encourage you to persist with growing. It’s perfect for a new growth beard and daily application of this will ensure that the hair follicle is softer and that the skin is nourished.

The more common beard oil (which now seems to be coming out in all shapes and sizes) is designed to soften the hair follicle of an already established beard and give it shine with the scented aroma of something better than the daily elements it absorbs. Most are based around essential oils and Beard-2designed to replicate masculine smells such as tobacco, leather and spices.

In closing… your beard should be taken seriously. Support it with regular grooming at your barber, use the right products and it will be much more than a growth designed to hide your peer group pressured moustache attempts of Movember.

Happy bearding!