Beach beauty

Laura Enever

Pro-surfer Laura Enever unravels her cool, laid-back beach beauty routine for a perfect surfside life.

Laura Enever has dedicated her life to surfing after being introduced to the sport by her dad at age four. After more than ten years on the pro circuit, she recently took out the Australian Open title.

We caught up with her on one of her rare moments at home and were impressed with her mature outlook and fuss-free, results-driven morning routine. Here, she shares her lessons in life, beauty and staying motivated beyond the surf.

Get out of bed early, it’s worth it.
Some days it’s rainy and cold and a bit like, “ehhhh”, but you get out there, ride that one wave, and it’s so exciting. It gives you so much energy, being able to work with the ocean.

Fuel your energy early in the day.
I usually have an apple with peanut butter and a coffee, go for a surf, and then come back home and have a smoothie with protein powder, kale, spinach and banana. I used to travel with my NutriBullet blender but then I had too much stuff, so I had to let it go.

Shield your strands.
I’ve learned what damage the sun and ocean can do to your hair. Always use a treatment or mask after washing — I use Eleven I Want Body Three Minute Repair — and then I dry my hair and put the sea salt back in with a sea salt spray! I love the texture you get from swimming in the ocean.

Vitamin C repairs damage. 
After being in the sun, vitamin C’s the best thing to put on. Ella Baché Radiance C Defence Face Mist is so nice. It’s got the vitamin C, and that’s so good for any kind of sun protection and defence, it’s great for sun damage and it lightens my pigmentation spots.

Dare to be different.
I use Old Spice deodorant! My dad wore it, so if I smell a guy with it on, I really like it. I put Old Spice on with Tom Ford Black Orchid over the top, creating my own scent. It’s actually been really embarrassing. I had a guy that was like, “What the hell?” He saw it in my bag when I was travelling, and I was like, “Don’t judge me!” But it’s nice not to just go for what’s cool.

Protect your pout.
I used to put zinc on my lips but the oil base of the Ella Baché Lip Saver just stays on and hydrates, while protecting the whole time I’m in the ocean. It’s seriously like my best friend, it doesn’t come out of my purse.

Peace out with essential oils.
I love essential oils — Doterra are my favourite. My friend put me on to them in America but you can go online and order them. I’ve got a starter kit and I’ve just been reading into what everything does. Lavender is calming. So on flights or if I’m ever stressing or getting ahead of myself, lavender on the temples or behind the neck is perfect. Another good place to put it is under your feet as well because it gets into your body really fast from under your feet.

Find your purpose…
One of my greatest achievements would be getting to know myself and figuring out who I am and what I stand for as a person — achieving personal goals, more so than competitive goals.

…And do it for the right reasons.
When I was about 20, I realised that I had been competing and travelling since I was 10 and had made it to the highest places you can get, but then you just start asking yourself questions like, “Why am I doing this?” It started to become for the wrong reasons. I took a step back from that and made sure that I always love surfing, because I love the ocean and riding waves — that’s really the simplicity of it. I came out of it feeling like I’d grown up five years in one year.