Train like an athlete

Luke Edgell trains

As a trainer to elite athletes, Luke Edgell knows what it takes to lift your game.

As a coach to various athletes across a number of sports, one thing becomes clear the more my athletes progress. Taking their performance in their chosen sport to the next level is largely influenced by their strength capabilities.

If you want to become more athletic and see changes to the way you accelerate, decelerate, change direction and display power, this program is for you. It will challenge your entire body, helping you to build explosive power and core stability at the same time.

I recommend following this program twice a week for at least 4 weeks to ensure you maximise your results. Aim to increase load or intensity by adding more weight to the movement or increasing the amount of sets performed from week to week.

Please note that the 2-3 minute rest periods suggested are to be maintained due to the high complexity of movements and the necessary need for the neuromuscular system to recover before a repeated effort.

Training tips:

  • Ensure a proper warm up consisting of lower and upper body mobility, glute activation and dynamic stretching is completed before beginning the session.
  • Work into sets with some lighter sets focusing on proper muscle recruitment and correct form. As the weight increases, utilise longer rest periods of between 2-3 minutes before repeating another set.
  • Always ensure technique before load. If you require assistance with your technique in any of the exercises, please ask a qualified personal trainer.

Athlete program