6 reasons you should exercise other than for a hot body

Article author: dietitian and personal trainer Ashleigh Feltham.

If you follow Instagram, you’ve probably realised that exercise is an important part of achieving your ultimate body. But if that’s not so important to you, trainer Ashleigh Feltham lists six other benefits of exercise that should motivate you to hit the gym.

1. It will make you better in bed

Want a better sex life? Exercise helps all parts of your body work better and this includes your sexual organs, as well as giving you the fitness and stamina to perform well in bed.

2. Give you feel-good hormone

Exercise releases feel-good hormones known as endorphins. This hormone can help you feel happy and improve your mood after exercise for the rest of the day. Beyond this, the feeling of accomplishment from exercise is always a mood enhancer.

3. Increase your productivity

Want that raise at work? Increase your productivity and ability to think by exercising regularly. The brain needs a healthy blood flow to function and exercise is one thing you can do to support healthy grey matter.

4. Help you build a healthy tribe

Your friendship groups influence your health status for good or not so good. The best tribe to build for both mental and physical health is one built around healthy activities like exercise. A great way to find your fitness tribe is starting group fitness. In a group fitness class, you can start a conversation easily as you already have something in common with those around.

5. Keep you functional for life

You deserve to be your best for life. Maintaining function for life is something which acts for life. Your muscle mass begins to decline from 30 years onwards. To slow this, you need to exercise to put load your bones and prevent osteoporosis and fractures happening later in life.

6. Reduce your risk of disease and cancer

Exercise helps your body’s cells to renew and work at their best. This is an important component in reducing your risk of many cancers, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. In many ways exercise is more important for what your body looks like on the inside than on the outside.

Take Home Message: Having a great body is a good reason to exercise but the benefits of hitting the gym go far beyond this. Exercise can help give you the best life you deserve.

Author Bio

Ashleigh Feltham (right) is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and owner of Feed Your Future Dietetics. She believes everyone deserves to live a life of health and wellness. Ashleigh passionate about helping people achieve their highest quality of life through nutrition, mental health and exercise.

In addition to being an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Ashleigh is also a qualified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with over ten years’ experience in the fitness industry. For more information see www.feedyourfuturedietetics.com or follow her on Instagram at @feedyourfuturedietetics or Facebook at Feed Your Future Dietetics