6 grooming finds for guys

Men's grooming

Want to look great post-workout? Check out these grooming secrets that will keep you on your game.

Calvin Klein Reveal1. Salty Scent
Drawing on the animal magnetism of the scent of salty skin, Calvin Klein Reveal EDT 50ml, $80, contains a uniquely raw salt note along with fresh vetiver, crystallised ginger and smoky amber and vanilla.

Hanz de Fuko2. Bend It Like…
Speaking of hair product, one man that always gets it right in the follicular stakes is Mr. Beckham, so it comes as no surprise that his favourite hair product has reached cult status. Hanz de Fuko Quicksand, $26.95, is gritty and waxy but won’t leave a sticky residue in hair like some mattifying texture paste can.

NipMan3. Six Pack Attack
We’re not promising abs in a bottle, but Nip + Man Ab Fix Gel, $46.95, contains caffeine to tighten and help flush out excess fluid, along with ingredients to smooth the surface of the skin. A great companion to supersets of abs ‘n jabs.

Hunter4. On The Hunt
Hunter is a new sleekly-packaged range that hails from Melbourne and features a savvy edit of five grooming essentials. We adore the Cleansing Facial Scrub, $39. It’s gloriously gritty but not irritating, lathers like a dream and leaves skin scented with ocean-fresh fruitiness. Oh, and it contains sea minerals, botanicals and other stuff that will stimulate cell renewal so you look younger, too. Result.

Dove5. Product Junkie
Believe it or not, men and women really do need different shampoo formulations. Guys tend to wear a lot more hair product than girls, so using your girlfriend’s shampoo won’t usually cut through the grease of your favourite texture paste. Dove Men + Care Daily Deep Clean 2 in 1 Shampoo with caffeine and citrus, $6.99, strips away excess styling product and leaves hair clean and ready to start again.

Clinique6. Power Tool
Why should girls have all the fun? The cleansing brush craze sweeping the skincare world has resulted in Clinique For Men creating a version specially engineered for guys. The oval head on the Sonic System Deep Cleansing Brush, $135, is designed to irrigate blemish-lurking crevices around the nose and chin, and charcoal bristles help draw out oil and breakout-causing cell build up.