5 easy ways to reduce your environmental footprint

Environmental consultant, international author and earth healer, Dr Mahdi Mason shares with us 5 things you can do right now to reduce your environmental footprint. 

Every single thing we do has an impact on the environment. This means that with every action we take, we have the choice of being kinder to the environment. Not sure where to start? These five tips will have you well on your way to becoming an ecowarrior.

Dr Mahdi Mason

1. Use less of everything

No matter what it is you’re using, it had to come from somewhere and took energy to make, clean, store and transport to you. Toothpaste, electricity, wrapping paper, water — everything. The less you use, the less you waste. It’s not only good for the environment but it saves you money too.

2. Always choose natural products

If it’s not 100% natural, it’s not going to be good for the environment. Nature is wonderful at dealing with anything it produced itself. If you place something unnatural in the environment, you can be sure that it will harm some species and impede ecosystem function.

3. Make your world a shade of green! Invite more plants and trees into your yards, homes and offices.

Vegetation is key to a healthy environment. Not a green thumb? No problem — there are plenty of plants out there that are nearly impossible to kill (trust me: if they have survived in my care, they will survive for you!).

4. Compost

Instead of sending your food waste to landfill, send it somewhere it can be of benefit — nature. There are composting systems for all sizes of houses and units, and they are so easy to make or buy so there’s really no excuse.

5. Recognise how much nature does for your health, every second of every day

Nature provides everything we need to survive. This includes food, water, air, materials for shelter, medicine and more. Once we recognise this, we become nature’s friend and protector. We start doing the right things by the environment because we want to, not because other people tell us it’s the right thing to do.

About Dr Mahdi Mason
After spending more than a decade practising and educating others on the power of giving back to mother nature, author, speaker, earth healer and environmental consultant, Dr Mahdi Mason, launches her second book, Earth Healing: healing the earth to heal ourselves.

Earth Healing is a spiritual guide on connecting with the earth and in return, connecting with yourself. The core pillars of the book focus on understanding earth healing, living a sustainable life, embracing the feminine and healing the earth both physically and metaphysically.

“Many people don’t realise how they can make a difference and after all, if you are one person in a world of billions rife with destruction and pollution, how could you as an individual believe you have any effect?” says Mason. “I wanted to show people that this is untrue and having a positive effect on the environment is attainable. Earth Healing shows you how to do just that.”

Earth Healing is available now from The Mosh Shop, Booktopia, Amazon and Smashwords. RRP$24.95